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Murphee K presents a pro-present, pro-future 3-song CD.

After recording The Missing in 2004, singer/songwriter George Ryan Perez took a long hiatus in Texas. But throughout that stint, he felt there was a hint of incompleteness left by the 7 songs, so he patiently laid out the plans to address this shelved album.

In 2007 the opportunity arose for him to move back to Gainesville, Fla. where he soon learned that all of the original members have moved on, too. (And rightly so.) Undaunted, he started back from scratch and recruited friends in town to help him rekindle that sunny, thoughtful, catchy punk magic from years past. This took a considerable amount of time, but eventually he found the right mix with bassist Chris Hencher and drummer Shuhei Yoshida.

To an extent, this album reflects that rekindling process; it elicits the unfinished parts and fantasizes the grand promises of "what life might've been". But it also recognizes that "the past is gone" and offers a mix of optimism and realism one usually attains with acceptance. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, The Missing was released in 2012 — eight years after its recording. And on the heels of that come these 3 songs from EndGame, its spiritual successor, the "final nail" that completes the set.

Closure never felt so good.


released January 31, 2013

© 2013 Murphee K

George Ryan Perez: vocals/guitar
Chris Hencher: bass/vocals
Shuhei Yoshida: drums

Produced and recorded by Rob McGregor on April 2012 at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, Florida.

All lyrics written by George Ryan Perez.

Additional music sample on “Final January” by NoiseCollector

Band photography: Rob McGregor
Illustration: Bryan Koszoru
Design/Layout: Nancy Mae Perez

To the continued support from all our fans, friends and families. To all the past members of Murphee K: Trevor, Peter, Craig Ian, Matt, Nancy Mae, Chris R., Will, Ronnie, and Chris L. To Chris H. and Shuhei — aka. Murphee K version 3.3 — who recorded this album with me. And to Gainesville, Fla. for your support early on and, after moving to Texas, having a way of sucking me back in.

Thank you for making this dream come true.

Special thanks to the 2012 Indiegogo sponsors: Art and Gloria Perez, Melchor Perez, Mr./Mrs. Jason Martin, Glenn Turner, Maru Aiko, Alex Chubin, Dr. Ishimaru, Glenda Alicia Leung, Anna Liza Panton, Natividad Perez, Nicholas Hughes, Heshan Illangkoon, Tatiana Klimenko, Bryan Koszoru, Chloe Kwan, Eric Piard, rockho, Kris Simon, and (3) Anonymous.



all rights reserved



Murphee K Gainesville, Florida

Murphee K is an indie punk band made up of George Ryan Perez and his talented Gainesville, Fla. friends.

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Track Name: Rebuilding Krieger's
Here's to plans we kept alive,
encased in ice that we've been trying to thaw
(with burnouts)
As we wax nostalgic for yesteryears
when we used to know just where to go

We'd come out and play in another show
In a makeshift place right down Depot
We would sing along because we know all the songs all the bands would play

Black dyes were highlights of red and green
Time passes by so quickly now
(good luck on catching up)
Here's the plan from here on out:
the status quo or start it all over somehow

Worry not about your day-to-day
Care not how to start, don't dare delay
Cast aside the cloud of creeping doubts
Deep inside you know you'll figure it out
We'll be right beside you no matter what,
just keep right on it...

What's the matter, wait just a second here,
Is it not the way it's supposed to be now?
Say you must've tried from a thousand ways,
every time the outcome remains the same,
"I'm getting restless and I don't know what else to do"
Say another rite for the olden days
Feels like it just happened yesterday

Break up the remnants that made up the past
Burn down the bridges and scatter the ash
Cut all the losses and paste wins along the way
The path that we're on we'll regain before long
We'll takedown, and scrape up, buckle down and build up
We'll break down then make up, we'll never gonna give up

As we strive on forward it seems
somehow the past is gone and that
all we got is the now
That's to our advantage now
So I ask you, "Man, what say you?"
knowing it's the best that we can do

So this time I'll try this one for you
After that, who knows? It's up to you
I'll forget the bouts and falling outs,
"Man, I don't know what you're talking about"
Ixnay the naysays, instead I'll stoke up the flame until it melts
Hope you'll sing along because we know all the songs all our friends would play

Black dyes were highlights of red and green
Try not to deny what we used to be
Keep on on plugging away at our dreams until
we wake up, we wake up, we wake up, we're never gonna let up
Track Name: Nasaan Ka Ba?
Ang buhay ko
ay napakahirap,
ikaw ay hinahanap
sa buong mundo

As I step upon the edge of a chasm,
spreading out the wings of an airplane
Until it gets across the bay
these words will be an anthem:

Nasaan ka ba?
Tibok ng puso ay "Aray, aray, aray..."
Nasaan ka ba?
Sumpa ng langit dahil sa iyo

Eleven years since I've set sail,
and so far it's to no avail,
Eleven words, yeah, I have held on
(Eleven thoughts I'm holding on)
even though you might've moved on
(Despite the fact you're moving on)

I will sacrifice the best of times
for the times that we have spent...
And if you read between the lines
you'll hear an echo of my lament:

Nguni't, kung ika'y makuha
Tunay ba'ng mahal pa kita?
Sa loob ko ngayon ay walang kapayapaan
Hanggang ikaw ay makita
Nasaan ka ba?
Track Name: Final January
It's starting to dawn on me: I miss you...
more than I ought to be
I'm staring at old frontispiece pictures

This beautiful day I'll brace this broken page with
pieces that I'm picking up
But little did I know the stories
weren't where I left them off

Said she's gone without me
Said she, "It just wasn't meant to be"

I used to make a wish before the blazes
wake in January sky
They were composed of hopes I've coated with
reproach (keeps the powder dry)
It started to rain on me: I missed out
on opportunities
And I suppose I won't get better from this loss
until I've finally

Burned all these thoughts of you
(Oh she can't be...No, she...Please be mistaken...)
Erased all these memories
(Is she "taken"?)

Wondering how can I endure underneath
the past and soon forgotten
until I can sing this requiem for me and you
(Said she's gone without me)
The fire bombs have blown and
yet I'm still counting past the hour
until dawn (until dawn)
no sleep (no sleep)
I won't be dreaming (I won't be dreaming of what)
dreams of what life might've been
could've been
should've been

Bury these thoughts of you
(Oh she couldn't be...No, she...Please be mistaken...)
Bereft of these memories
(Oh she's taken)

Wondering how can I ensure I would reach
beyond this place, I guess I would never know
How do I go on when you are gone?
(Can't go on it's clearly in the endgame)
When the final nail hits the coffin, will
(Final as in Married and Expecting)
I egress and be a ghost
than spend afterlife in heaven?

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